After the release of the original Practice-Right in 2012, we have helped thousands of guitarists around the globe to understand the correct right hand position. First starting in the USA in cooperation with Mix Music Company from Serbia and distribution through Strings By Mail, Practice-Right is now available in many countries in Europe as well as in Asia (click here to see the list of PR disrtributors).


The success of guitarists who use Practice-Right is our success too. This is the driving force which led us to improve the product, making the progress of learning the correct right hand posture even easier and with greater success.


We will soon be releasing two models: an improved Adult model  and a brand new Kid’s model. With these new models, the guitarists will immediately feel a more secure posture and less strap slippage. The new Adult model  has an improved and more supportive strap, while the Kid’s model  has a shorter strap which fits better on smaller wrists. Due to its proven success, the body and the core of the original Practice-Right remains the same.


Our focus also remains the same – Helping guitarists to learn/correct their right hand posture in order to speak better through the language of music.


Kid's model_Practice-Right

Practice-Right_ new model

Practice-Right_new improved strap